Nurse Coordinator, Jennifer Hussein

As a Nurse Coordinator, Jennifer Hussein plays an important role in the egg donation experience. She organizes donor treatment cycles, monitors donors for progress during those cycles and generally assist donors by talking, educating and counseling them from the moment they become patients until after their egg retrieval procedure.

Jennifer, a New Jersey native who prior to Ovatures worked as a nurse in the pediatric, nursery and mother-baby units of the Hoboken University Medical Center, said that her favorite part of working at Ovatures is being able to interact with and help patients face to face, something she wasn’t able to do in her first career as a medical technologist, almost a decade ago.

“I started off my career path in Biotechnology and worked in an Oncology lab,” Jennifer said. “One day I was working on a case that I desperately wanted to know more about and interact with the patient on, but since I worked in a lab, I couldn’t. I decided this was my time to go into nursing. I needed to be able to speak with my patients and felt that with nursing I could help them more than I could in the lab. After seeing some close friends and family struggle with their own infertility issues, I decided to become an IVF nurse.”