Donor Coordinator, Stacey Bagnato

As Ovatures Donor Coordinator, Stacey Bagnato is one of the first points of contact for women interesting in learning more about donating their eggs. Currently studying for her master’s degree in social work, Stacey has been a supportive, knowledgeable presence on the Ovatures team since 2017.

As donor coordinator, Stacey works with Ovatures donors, doctors and nurses to take care of all the administrative details surrounding egg donation, including helping donors access their medication at the pharmacy.

In addition, she acts as a compassionate sounding board for donors and recipients who have questions about the process, helping all parties feel educated and confident every step of the way.

“No question is ever too small or too silly,” she says. “I very much enjoy connecting with our donors, getting to know them and making them feel good about donating at Ovatures.”

“Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do  – they help us make dreams come true.”