Why become a donor?

The biggest reason to donate your eggs is to gift another person their greatest desire – to become a parent. Nothing in the world matters more to a hopeful parent than the ability to grow, birth, and dote on that little human for the rest of their life. To be able to give another person that gift is, for many of our donors, one of their life’s most profound honors.

Another reward is more tangible – donors get paid to donate, and those who donate multiple times earn enough money to pay significant debts and pursue their education, travel, or use the money toward their own families.

While most women don’t donate to learn about their reproductive organs, that happens too. Donors leave with a newfound education about their most feminine organs, learning all about the inner workings of hormones, ovaries, fallopian tubes, the uterus and how they all interact with our emotions and thoughts. They also get lifetime access to their ovarian reserve testing, ultrasounds, disease screening and genetic counseling for free.

Egg donation is a deeply personal decision, and no reason is right or wrong; the result, however, is universal – the gift, truly, of life.

Real inspirational stories

“It is truly an amazing feeling to know that I was able to help someone start a family.”

“After donating once, I realized how straightforward everything was. I’ve since helped three women overcome infertility by doing more cycles.”

“I knew I could help myself and someone else at the same time.”

“My experience with IVI-RMA far exceeded my expectations.”

“There’s one more thing I’m grateful for: the opportunity to donate my eggs. The amount of happiness I feel when I think I was able to help another woman start her family is hard to describe. It’s boundless.”

“I know how I feel about being a mom, and I can’t imagine another woman or man not being able to experience the same joy. And knowing you can give it to them – why not do it?”


“It is difficult to express enough gratitude for our egg donor. She helped us start the family we always dreamed about, but never thought was possible.”

“Thank you for Elie and Jack. What incredible joy you have brought into my life.”

“Noah means everything to me. Thank you so much to all of you for your generosity. My deepest and heartfelt thanks to all egg donors.”

(*) The photographs do not correspond to real donors, to preserve their anonymity.