Our Donors

Ovatures egg donors are the sharp, informed and research-driven women you see all around you. They look like the multi-cultural mosaic that makes this country special, and they believe in science, safety and compassion. They want to give back to other women, and they want to know they’ll be taken care of in the process. Ovatures egg donors are confident in their bodies, curious in their minds, and live with open hearts. They believe in women, families and the beauty of parenthood, and they want to play a role in helping someone achieve that highest form of love.

More specifically, our anonymous egg donors are 21-31 years old, healthy and inspired and empowered to give back. Our egg donors are compensated up to $10,000 for their time and effort, and can donate up to six times. They give about two weeks of their lives to this process, but get back an infinite amount of joy in return. Our egg donors create lives, build families and contribute to a more connected and empathetic world.