4 ways to give back this holiday season

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season well upon you, we know your heart is definitely in the spirit of giving.

Still, deciding how to give back can sometimes be overwhelming and time consuming, especially because doing good matters so much to you. In fact, as millennials, you and your friends are amongst the most charitable generations.

To make your next act of giving a little easier this holiday season, we’ve come up with a few ideas for you!

Serve a meal

A warm meal is something a lot of people take for granted. Those that don’t have one every night, however, are overjoyed to stand in line for a piping hot dish. The holidays are a great time to volunteer at a local soup kitchen or shelter and distribute lunch or dinner to a group of people in need. You don’t have to be a chef for this one, either, ladies – just willing to serve a meal with a smile.

Round up at the register

Holiday shopping is inevitable. You probably have your shopping days on your schedule already. Gift buying spreads love and gratitude to those you love, but did you consider that you can spread the love to others at the cash register, as well? We’ve got two words for you: round up. Charities all across the country have partnered with department and chain stores to ask shoppers to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar so the difference can be donated to charity. So the next time you’re checking out, be sure to “round up” for a good cause!

Give online

With the advantage of social media, you have probably discovered a few causes that are near and dear to your heart, but aren’t necessarily near your home. Thankfully, most charitable organizations have recognized that their contributors may not live in their zip code, and have set up online giving. Now you can donate to a cause you’re passionate about, no matter where it is.

Fill the pantry

Food banks all across the country organize food drives more frequently during the holiday season, and they’ve made it very easy for people to donate. Churches, organizations like Kiwanis International and local police departments will set up shop outside the local grocery store asking shoppers to purchase an extra item or two for the local food bank. You can also clear out your pantry and donate it to fill the food bank’s pantry. Either way, you’ll be helping put a meal on another family’s table.

No matter what you do to give back this holiday season, just know that the people on the receiving end are grateful, even if they can’t tell you themselves. Now, go spread that giving spirit!


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