A case for CrossFit: give it a try!

Do you dread your daily treadmill session? Are you looking for a new workout experience? Do you want a more supportive, social vibe while you sweat?

Enter: CrossFit.

But before you protest this popular sport, hear us out.

Just about every new exercise fad that sweeps the country comes with some ridicule and some raving. CrossFit is no different, except that this powerhouse of a workout, dating back to 2000, has outlasted most fitness fads – making it not such a fad after all. And that deserves some props. Must be somethin’ there, right?

How is CrossFit different?

CrossFit has won over the hearts, bods and minds of many across the nation, and it’s not just because it’s credited for a serious workout that changes your physique. It’s because a CrossFit box, or gym, is a social scene disguised as a workout facility. Don’t get us wrong, you will endure a challenging workout every time you step into your local box, but you will also have a group of peers rallying around you every step of the way.

So how does CrossFit work, exactly?

CrossFit is a series of high intensity exercises, referred to as ‘Workouts of the Day,’ or WODs, that include exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, sprints and kettlebell swings, just to name a few. In some WODs, you will be working to complete a specific number of reps in a specific amount of time, while in other WODs you’ll be racing against the clock to complete the series as fast as you can, with each WOD lasting between five and 15 minutes. Your performance is tracked for everyone to see, and while your new CrossFit posse is competing with themselves, they are also cheering you on to beat your last WOD. The comradery between participants in a box is palpable.

Sounds fun for a while – but does it get repetitive?

The adventure in CrossFit lies within the variety of exercises built into each WOD. The brand prides itself on not specializing in just one area, instead creating custom WODs that incorporate moves like box jumps, rope climbs, and Turkish get ups with the intention of putting your whole body to work. While there are a few staple WODs that are popular among the crowd, a CrossFit box is designed to keep exercise boredom at bay.

OK, fine, but I heard it’s really intense…

Even though you may feel a bit tortured after a WOD, we bet you’ll come back for more. We know your days are nonstop, and fitting in social time and a workout after a long day at the office can be tough. But with CrossFit, you’re getting your time’s worth – not only are you packing a lot into your workout, you’re also socializing and connecting with likeminded people within each box. Which, by the way, helps lessen some of the suffering you may feel from the intense WODs!

So give it a try. It may not take the place of your weekly yoga session, but it can be a great way to kick some serious butt with some seriously wonderful people. Win-win!


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