For Ovatures’ Nurse Jessica Kestler, Every Patient is Memorable

Coordinating and monitoring cycles keeps Ovatures third party nurse coordinator, Jessica Kestler, BSN, RN, busy throughout her workday, but never too busy to listen to each patient’s story.

“I think each and every patient has their own special story, which makes them unique and memorable in different ways,” said Jessica, who has worked in Ovatures’ third party reproduction department for over two years.

While much of her clinical work involves guiding gestational carriers, intended parents, recipients, and donors through cycles, and teaching patients about third party options, Jessica finds the most meaning in her mission.

“I love helping patients build families,” added Jessica, whose interest in women’s health led her to reproductive medicine.

Before coming to RMANJ, Jessica worked on the surgical floor of a hospital and in the operating room.

When she’s not working, Jessica loves hiking with her dog, working out at the gym, and traveling. As for life during working hours, her favorite part of the job is seeing how egg donors change lives in so many positive ways.

“The gift of egg donation means the world to their recipients,” she said. “You are helping patients build families in an immeasurable way.”

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