Four ways to stay active in the fall

Time is flying! It’s almost mid-October, which means your flip flops are retired, your Uggs have made their fall debut and it will soon officially be hoodie weather; a.k.a. time to snuggle up under your favorite blanket, sip a chai tea and talk yourself out of doing anything outside of the house.

Not so fast, lady.

While hibernation can be tempting, staying active is even more important in the colder months, and it’s vital for your mind and body that you move. Exercise will not only help you maintain a healthy weight, it will keep your immune system strong and your mood light, too.

So now that you’re convinced you’ve got to move, what should you do?

Take a hike

Fall is one of the best times to hit the trails. The breathtaking autumn foliage and the cooler temperatures make challenging hikes more tolerable, too. Find a new-to-you trail and your closest girlfriends and plan for much needed girl time while sneaking in a good sweat!

Go to a farmer’s market

Autumn harvests are in full swing, which means your local farmer’s market is lush with colorful foods and a simple excuse to get outside. You can even make a whole day of it by mapping out the farmer’s markets in your surrounding towns and scoping out each one. In just one outing you’ll have all your groceries for the week and a couple hundred calories burned!

Join a gym

Before you scoff at the thought of joining a fitness gym, hear us out. Trekking out to a gym for an exercise class may be that last way you want to keep active, but what if you could have the perks of a gym membership without leaving your home? You’d be in, right? With technology, that’s exactly what you can do. There are several digital platforms you can join, such as YouTube’s Daily Burn and BeFit, both of which provide a variety of workouts for all fitness levels – all at home.

Do some yard work

It’s raining and pouring – leaves! And they won’t be cleaning themselves up anytime soon. It’s hard to fit in the dreaded leaf cleanup…unless we are intentionally finding ways to get a quick workout in, that is. Raking leaves not only counts as a cardio workout, an upper body workout and an easy way to get some Vitamin D from the sun, but your yard will thank you, too.

So get out there, girl!


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