From fridge to face: the 5 best foods to put on your skin

What makes a good skin care product? Well, it has to have anti-aging properties in it. And it must be non-toxic. Finally, it would be nice if it was affordable, too, right?

We hear you.

We know you deserve to pamper yourself with a revitalizing skin care routine that’s fit for a princess and doesn’t break the bank!

So we’ve put together a list of ingredients that you can use to rejuvenate your daily glow without even leaving your kitchen – every item on our list can be found in your fridge, your pantry or your spice rack.

So let’s dig in.

Manuka honey

Tired of wasting your time trying to pronounce the ingredients on your face wash? Retinyl palmitate? Phthalates? Formaldehyde? Sodium lauryl sulfate…say what? Stop wasting your time, toss your tube of face wash and pick up a jar of Manuka honey. This sticky, sweet golden goodness will be your face’s new best friend. Honey has natural antibacterial and probiotic properties that help eliminate acne without stripping skin of its natural oils. Your new smooth skin will thank you!


As a health conscious eater, you already know that avocado is a super food. But did you know that it doubles as an amazing moisturizing face mask? Simply mash up a ripe avocado and smooth it all over your face. Let it set until it dries and then use a warm wet wash cloth to gently wipe the avocado off. Your skin will be radiantly smooth!


The skin on your face is soft and delicate, which means that it is more susceptible to environmental damage, also known as aging! That’s why it’s very important to help support the growth of collagen in your soft skin – and where oranges come into play. Citrus aids in the reproduction of collagen and naturally promotes skin regeneration, leaving it lighter and brighter. So the next time you’re mixing up an avocado face mask, squeeze an orange into it to deliver an extra punch of anti-aging goodness to your face!

Plain yogurt

Everyone needs a tried and true exfoliator that is gentle yet gets the job done, right? Enter: plain yogurt. This creamy breakfast food will feel chilly going on, but it will leave your face smooth, soothed and supple. The lactic acid in the yogurt acts as an exfoliate to rid your face of dead skin cells. The yogurt is also an antioxidant, doing its part to ward off premature aging!

Olive oil and turmeric

Olive oil isn’t just for cooking! High in vitamins A, D, E and K, it has beneficial anti-aging properties as well as moisturizing properties that aid in preventing and reverse sun damage! You can smooth a little oil on your face every day.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to up your anti-aging game, mix a little turmeric into the olive oil! Turmeric is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This simple mask will deliver powerful benefits. Make sure to mix the turmeric into the oil well and also to rinse your face well so you don’t leave your skin tinted yellow.

So go on: kick your feet up, throw some cukes on your eyes and treat yourself to a rejuvenating yogurt face scrub followed by a soothing avocado face mask. It might just look as good as it tastes!


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