“If you are blessed with the ability to help out someone else, then why not?”

*The following is a real life testimonial from an Ovatures egg donor.

Though “Jane” (donor’s name has been changed to protect her privacy) had previously heard about egg donation from a relative, it wasn’t until she was pregnant that she began thinking seriously about it. “I became more interested when I was pregnant. I joined a bunch of mom groups and forums to talk about pregnancy, the different milestones, and strange pregnant people things. In those groups, I learned about so many women losing their babies and having trouble getting pregnant. It broke my heart to read about it. I realized how much of a blessing it was just to be pregnant. I always said after I give birth, I will donate my eggs, and I did.”

Her relative didn’t ultimately end up donating, but Jane’s research on egg donation programs brought her to Ovatures. “The website was very informative,” she says, “And it made me feel safe. All my questions were answered before even beginning the process.”

She began her first donation cycle last year. “It was overall a very easy process. I felt very supported the whole way. I did my cycle while working full time and caring for my baby, and thankfully I felt pretty good the whole time.” Jane even hopes to be able to donate again!

When asked what her favorite thing about the donation process was, she responded, “I enjoyed how kind and supportive the team was. I liked that I had 24-hour support during the process. [Donating] is something I am proud of. I still do get emotional thinking about it. I hope that I got to make someone really happy and change their life.”

To anyone considering egg donation, Jane says, “If I can do it, they can do it. The outcome can change someone’s life forever. If you are blessed with the ability to help out someone else, then why not?”


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