Meet Your Ovatures Donor Coordinator: Jazmine Hicks

Egg donation is more than just a one-step process. Making the decision to donate your eggs is monumental and for some, life altering. Ovatures recognizes the magnitude of your generosity to donate your eggs, and has taken extra steps to ensure that, as a donor, you get to work with staff that are compassionate, caring and dedicated.

Meet Jazmine:

When you first apply to become an egg donor, you will meet Jazmine Hicks. Hicks is the Donor Coordinator for the Ovatures egg donation program and works diligently behind the scenes to guide you through the screening process to become an egg donor.

With each website inquiry and donor application that comes through the Ovatures website, Hicks connects with women who share a common goal with her…to give the gift of life to people who can’t build a family on their own.

“My favorite part of my job is getting to know the donors and working with them through the process,” Hicks says.

Hicks has been working on the Ovatures’ team for two years now and has grown to love her role and the many lives that are changed by the donors and the work of the Ovatures team.

“Being an egg donor is one of the greatest and most selfless gifts a person can give. I hope you have a wonderful experience sharing the gift of life and wish you the best in your journey,” she says.


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