Li Qui, donor

From the beginning of the process to the end, I always felt cared for and had someone to talk to or ask questions if needed.

My motivation for donating came from a friend. One day I found out she was not able to have kids because of her own health issues and saw how devastated she was. Until then I had no idea how many people out there can’t have a family without the help of a donor. To be able to give a someone an opportunity to grow a family is so rewarding. I believe that when you give, the universe gives you back in return.

I can only imagine that the recipients feel as blessed to gain a new member of the family as much as I feel grateful to give someone that blessing.


“It is truly an amazing feeling to know that I was able to help someone start a family.”

1 December, 2016

“It is difficult to express enough gratitude for our egg donor. She helped us start the family we always dreamed about, but never thought was possible.”

14 October, 2020