Yoga every day: a Namaste for all your moods

It’s the New Year, which means there’s no better time to work toward a healthier, more fit you!

Overcrowded gyms may not be your scene, and resolutions are rarely kept, so why not try committing to a regular practice of yoga instead? And we mean regular: a little every day helps.

We know yoga every single day sounds tough, but trust us, it’s worth it. Yoga is the perfect fitness routine because it’s not a fad, it works and it’s so versatile that you can use it in a way that best serves you and the mood you’re in. If it’s easier for you, try doing this with a girlfriend who can keep you motivated. Once you’ve got a buddy, find a studio that’s close to work or home, or, if you can’t fit in a visit to a studio, subscribe to a video series online.

To give you a jumpstart, we’ve compiled a list of all the ways yoga can dovetail with whatever type of day you’re having. Here’s a Namaste for all your moods:

When you’re off-center

The beauty of practicing yoga is that, unlike other fitness routines, just 15 minutes on your mat can reset your mind, refresh your outlook and realign your focus. On days where you’re craving a mid-day mind clearing moment, just get on your mat and begin your practice. It’s fast, easy and you can do it from anywhere.

When you’re stressed

According to Psychology Today, more than 85 per cent of people who took to the mat said it helped relieve stress. All you have to do is practice yoga to agree: it’s calming. Yoga connects your body and mind, allowing you to tune into yourself and work through your stressors in a unique way. Yoga provides calm not only through deliberate and careful movement, but through breathing and meditation as well.

When you are feeling powerful and want to build muscle

If you’re looking to tone your muscles and strengthen your core, you have our permission to ditch the weights and grab a mat. A fitness-based Vinyasa practice, also known as power yoga, combines cardio, strength training and flexibility all in one session. That’s in addition to helping you clear your mind of unwanted baggage. Power yoga will leave you sweaty, sore and thirsty for more.

When you’re feeling lethargic

Yoga awakens your chakras, or energy centers within the body, giving you a much-needed boost throughout your busy day. In addition to increasing energy, doing yoga every day can help boost your metabolism, curb your overeating and help you lose weight, all of which contribute to having more energy. Which poses are best at boosting energy? Yoga Journal has listed the best ones to work into your practice.

When it’s that time of the month

We get you may have zero inclination for physical activity during this time, but did you know yoga can help relieve some symptoms of menstruation? A gentle yoga practice of simple sun salutations and poses focused around the belly and pelvis can alleviate cramping while giving your energy level a boost.

Yoga is one of the most rewarding fitness practices around. Whether you join a studio or build your personal practice from the comfort of your home, your body and mind will benefit from a daily yoga session in 2019. Can I get a down dog?


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