Busy? We feel you, girl. You’re putting in long hours at work trying to move up in your career, rushing to make it to the gym, and squeezing in a late night read or FaceTime session with friends. And that’s just Monday. The rest of the week looks equally daunting – family obligations, that personal […]

19 July, 2018

Are you young, healthy, compassionate and curious about egg donation? You’ve come to the right place – we’re here to answer your most pressing questions about being an egg donor. WHY DOES EGG DONATION EXIST? With egg donation, women who cannot have children using their own eggs are able to have children. While the baby […]

11 July, 2018

Did you know there are at least twenty different types of contraception available? Here we’ve compiled a list with a brief explanation for each to help you learn about your many options. Ovatures recommends speaking to a licensed Women’s Healthcare professional regarding which type of contraception may be most suitable for you. 1- Barrier contraceptives Condoms: there are […]

18 May, 2018

Egg donation is an increasingly common practice. However, there are still many questions you may have when it comes to making the decision to donate eggs. We often find that information on the subject is limited and what is out there isn’t always accurate. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear at […]

10 May, 2018

You may know someone who has donated their eggs before, or maybe you’re interested in donating yourself. Either way, it’s probably crossed your mind at some point – “Would I be a good egg donor?” Here are the top five signs you could potentially be a great egg donor. #5 Good physical health. Being in […]

3 May, 2018

At the start of every Spring, we all think the same thing: “I need to work on healthier habits, this year is my year!” Now that we’re a few months into 2018, Ovatures wants to know – how are you doing with your resolutions? Here are seven Spring resolutions that should be taken to heart if you want […]

26 April, 2018